The main areas of practice handled by our office are

Legal support and advise on contract negotiation, contract drafting and checking, maintenance of internal rules and regulations, handling of internal and external problems, and overall corporate activities
*We can be retained on a spot basis or on a daily basis as a legal advisor.

Legal support and advice on contract negotiations, marketing negotiations, portrait rights management, handling governance of professional and amateur sports organizations, sports accidents, antitrust law related to the sports industry, labor issues of professional and amateur athletes, and sports dispute resolution (arbitration and mediation)

Legal support and advice on copyrights, trademarks, portrait rights, design rights, intellectual property rights, and other related legal issues in connection with video production business, TV broadcasting, radio broadcasting, Internet distribution business, video game production business, smartphone application-related business, music publishing-related business, film production and distribution business, etc.

Legal support and advice on business development, internal development, negotiations with potential investors, investors and business partners, management of intellectual property, and preparation for IPO

Legal support and advice on formulating and executing schemes for mergers, acquisitions, stock swaps, stock transfers, corporate divestitures, joint ventures, and business succession, as well as due diligence (DD) and drafting of stock transfer agreements.

Legal support and advice on overtime claims, dismissal, power harassment, sexual harassment, collective bargaining, visa acquisition, work-related accidents, etc., and legal response to and representation in labor tribunals and labor litigation.

Legal services and representation regarding lawsuits over corporate control, injunctive actions against new share issuance, share pricing, requests for inspection and copying of books and records, inspection and copying of shareholders' registry, shareholders' representative actions (actions to hold directors and officers liable for damages), etc.

Legal advice and representation in connection with petitions for bankruptcy and civil rehabilitation

Legal support and advice on real estate sales and purchases, land and house leases, rent increases and reductions, building surrender requests, construction disputes, noise problems, neighbor problems, boundary determinations, etc.

Legal assistance and advice on family trust agreements (civil trust agreements for family members)

Legal advice and representation of companies, organizations and individuals in the collection of debts

Legal advice and representation regarding wills, inheritance, infidelity, traffic accidents, etc.